Being super savvy in the ever expanding wedding market…

Did you know that the average wedding cost has risen up to USD 35,329?


Each wedding aims to be bigger, better and more unique than the next. We spend eye watering amounts of cash, only for it to be over in a flash, yet we are still paying it off a year later. What about those unfortunate ones who paid all that money on their perfect wedding, only to end up getting divorced (myself included) all the money spent on my dream day is now washed away with my divorce papers!


I recall getting wedding décor for my wedding, (I was actually quite savvy when it came to my centre pieces), I went to a place in Dubai called Dragon Mart, I bought 15 candelabras and hurricane vases, then after the wedding I sold them all back to the vendor for half the price! I did make my own tie backs and bought lots of additional bits from amazon too. I hoped to make the most beautiful table displays anyone has ever seen….reality was, it was unnoticed and I didn’t give it a second thought the next day. Someone I know spent over USD1,000 on each of her centre pieces, she had 8 in total! She threw them away a couple of days later.


The fact is there are so many smart ways to save cash so be savvy!! Don’t fall into the trap of spending so much money and time on certain things, the majority of this will go unnoticed or be forgotten about the next day. Spend money on things that make a difference to the day, whether that be a photo booth, a videographer or funny props on all tables, there is no need to fork out on those things people won’t remember.


I know, I have learnt from previous experience and will be super savvy on my next run…


Founder & CEO of BridalSouq



  1. Steve on February 24, 2018 at 7:03 am

    Glad to know you won’t be spending too much on the next do!!

  2. Nina on February 25, 2018 at 1:12 pm

    Great blog, Elly!

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