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Where we came from and where we're headed.

We’ve all done it, within a few hours of getting ‘that’ ring we’ve been glued to the internet for the foreseeable future. The amount of time I spent researching hundreds of different wedding websites took over my life, not to mention (the growing to-do list and) the spiraling costs. I really needed one place that had it all.

When the wedding was over and the dust had settled, all those items that I had spent so much time and money sourcing, ended up being put in a box as a keepsake or to pass on. In reality, it’s just ended up gathering dust. Then it hit me, why not be savvy and make money from my once treasured possessions? My fabulous wedding items could be perfect for someone else!

Cue the BridalSouq concept! I wanted BridalSouq to facilitate a platform that brings like-minded people together, to allow lots of vendors to showcase their items and to host beautiful new & preloved wedding items, at a snip of the price. The launch of BridalSouq means no more scrolling through wasteful, unrelated content, saving you precious time and money! BridalSouq, your one stop wedding shop.


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